What are the Signs of Depression?

The World Health Organization reports that more than 300 million Americans suffer from depression, a mental health disorder characterized by feelings of overwhelming sadness. Depression is thought to be caused by low serotonin levels and production in the brain. Although depression help and treatment is available, the first step, identifying a problem, is difficult and oftentimes goes ignored by the sufferer. If you do not feel like yourself or experience any of the symptoms of depression listed below, it’s time to seek out professional depression treatment saint johns.

·    Overwhelming feelings of sadness that do not go away

·    Loss of interest in activities that you once enjoyed

·    Loss of appetite

·    Insomnia

·    Low energy levels

·    Thoughts of suicide

·    Inability to concentrate

This is not a complete list of signs of depression but includes some of the most common. Remember that you are not alone; help is available for depression. It does not indicate that you are crazy or that you are not ‘good enough.’ It is a medical problem, just like influenza or cancer. Help is available and once you get treatment, you can live an ordinary life after depression.

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If you feel suicidal, do not wait to seek help. Talk to someone, a friend, a family member, or even someone on social media. Private suicide prevention hotlines are also available to help ease the emotions that you feel.  Suicide is never the answer to a temporary problem or feeling that you experience.

Never wait to seek treatment for depression when you notice signs that suggest something is wrong or simply do not feel like yourself anymore. Doing so is dangerous for yourself and family and friends. Depression causes an inadequate feeling of loss and sadness and severely impacts our lives and that of the people around us that mean the most to us.